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About me

Idealism, n: the attitude of a person who believes that it is possible to live according to very high standards of behavior and honesty.

Nihilismn: the belief that traditional morals, ideas, beliefs, etc., have no worth or value.

These are my own musings, thoughts I think in traffic or on long drives, or a summary of those profound conversations with friends and family that can only happen late at night.  The idea here is to shine a little idealism into issues that people too often see as nihilistic.

As for me, I’m an INFP personality type (by definition an idealist if you buy into the Meyers-Briggs stuff).  I’ve swung between both political extremes and have since settled in the politician-averse middle.  I’ve lived in five states, including the south, the Pacific Coast, small and large communities in the Midwest, and now reside in New England.  I’m a sports fan, international affairs buff, and science enthusiast, and am working every day to break 30+ years of bad habits to become a more primal eater.  I have a son who could power my neighborhood with his energy, and a daughter who could light the same number of houses with her big heart.  Then there’s my amazing wife who thankfully filtered out enough of my DNA to make such great kids possible.

Most of the topics here will be my own spur-of-the-moment views on issues, but it’s probably just safe to say that the opinions expressed here are all mine.  They are not those of my employer or my family, any political party, anyone’s cause, or anyone/thing/where else.  If any of those people have something to say, trust me that they will find a higher-profile mouthpiece than me.

Welcome and enjoy!

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